Kevin England

Founder and CEO of Vonazon one of the nation's leading digital marketing, advertising, and media agencies. Host of Figuring It Out a new podcast for entrepreneurs, leaders, and marketers.

Kevin England has been an entrepreneur since the young age of 13 when he wrote his first computer program. Since then, he has committed to pushing the limits of business growth and success through his team-centric leadership approach. Never one to take a backseat, or to sit and wait for things to happen, Kevin pours himself into his work, inspiring others to take ownership of their own growth and the growth of their respective companies.

Although his background is in IT, Kevin realized his true passion rests in sales and marketing. He created and launched his first company at the age of 19 while attending UCSB. The challenge of taking an initial business concept and transforming it into a profitable endeavor is enough to test any entrepreneur. However, to this day, it is still something at which Kevin thrives.

Kevin has consistently been requested to speak at conferences and other events to bring perspective to CEOs, business owners, salespeople, and marketers of all industries on how to grow their businesses effectively. The insight he offers focuses on taking ownership of your destiny, your company, and your own life. Whether speaking on something as specific as implementing a modern strategy focused on sales, marketing, and technology, or something as all-encompassing as executive leadership and impact, Kevin aims to impart meaningful takeaways to his audience—encouraging them to take action that same day. As he always says, “Move your feet, and figure it out.” Don’t get complacent, and expect more out of yourself.

Podcasts by Kevin England

Figuring It Out

Figuring It Out is a podcast designed to help entrepreneurs, creatives, and marketers master their crafts, grow their businesses, and find balance between their personal and professional lives. It’s hosted by Kevin England, the proud founder and CEO of Vonazon, a Marketing, Advertising, and Media Agency based in Southern California serving clients worldwide. In each episode, we’ll cover a variety of topics while sharing stories from Kevin and others. Now, let’s dive in and figure it out together.

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