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Overcoming Self Sabotage has never been easier!

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About Jehan Sattaur

Jehan Sattaur is a Mindfulness Teacher, Truth Teller, Subconscious Self Sabotage Coach and Host of the Boundless Authenticity podcast. Jehan assists by showing people of all walks of life how to be mind FULL and allow the negative automatic thoughts about the events of the external and the associated programs to reveal themselves fully so that they can learn to establish deep inner peace and operate from purpose and passion.

Much of Jehan's work focuses on removing the disempowering thoughts and beliefs from the subconscious mind which cause us to create less than favorable emotional consequences and circumstances. Jehan teaches you various ways to change internal dialogue, clear harsh memories and emotions and delete useless information from the subconscious. Jehan also teaches when to meditate, how to meditate and why you have certain thoughts and feelings during meditation and how to handle them effectively.

Find Jehan at or e-mail and follow @jehansattaur on instagram. Also join Jehan on Telegram and listen to The Boundless Authenticity Podcast on or Spotify & Apple Podcasts.


  • Self Sabotage
  • Emotional Wellness
  • Mindfulness