Suki Eleuterio

Digital marketing strategist, award winning blogger, spiritual coach

Suki Eleuterio is a spiritual coach, multi-passionate entrepreneur and author. She leads workshops and coaches online encouraging others to tune into the soul and live a magical life. She focuses on divine healing, inner peace, and a spark of magic to lead visionaries, intuitives and lightworkers from all over the world. Suki is the creator of the Found My Light community, and Lightworkers Rise Up. As a social media strategist and digital marketing coach, Suki coaches her clients to elevate their businesses and step into their creative vision. Her first book, She Loved Herself, was in the top 10 digital downloads on Amazon in the category of Personal Development and Spiritual Transformation. The book is a collection of stories by women sharing from their hearts what it truly means to love yourself. Suki is passionate about creating space and giving women a platform for self-expression and healing. Her blog, has won local and national awards, including best inspirational blog from the South Florida Bloggers Union and best blog from the National Federation of Press Women. Other works include writings for TheHuffingtonPost, MindBodyGreen, NewYou, HormonesMatter, ThriveGlobal, TheYogiMovement, Speaking at BloggyMoms, and others.

Podcasts by Suki Eleuterio

Soul Guided with Sookton

A little uplifting for your soul! Spiritual coach and visionary, Suki Eleuterio, often known as “Sookton,” has been inspiring others through her award-winning blog, since 2010. As the leader of the “Lightworkers Rise Up” movement, she is dedicated to bringing together the conscious community, connecting people with their soul-guided mission, and empowering the world to shine. In this podcast she explores topics from spirituality to yoga to writing to marketing to business to being a modern day mystic. Follow her on Instagram @Sookton or on Facebook @SooktonSays

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