Sabrina Cadini

Holistic Life Coach, Brain Wellness Coach, Creator of the Life-Work Balance System

🧩 Holistic Life Coach
🧠 Brain Wellness Coach
🎯 Creator of the Life-Work Balance System

After experiencing burnout and - thankfully minor - health issues as an event and wedding planner, I created a 6-pillar framework to regain control of my life and I started seeing even better results in my business. I then decided to pursue a career in coaching so that I could help other overwhelmed professionals rediscover a purpose and upgrade themselves.

Today I help busy professionals achieve their goals better, faster, and become more successful in their life and career thanks to better lifestyle choices. Modern society glorifies busyness, always “doing” and rarely “being.” However, we’re human beings, not human doings, and we must prioritize ourselves in order to live and work better.

Thanks to a holistic approach, I go beyond the traditional goal-setting process. Before working on my clients' strengths and weaknesses, talents and skills, drive and mindset, we tap into their innate qualities as a human being to optimize body and brain with the help of neuroscience, epigenetics, biochemistry, positive psychology, biohacking, and mindfulness techniques.

I’m trained in guiding the human system to new levels of performance and specific outcomes through lifestyle interventions. My signature program, Life-Work Balance, focuses on a 6-pillar framework that helps master:
🔸 Nutrition
🔸 Sleep
🔸 Movement
🔸 Stress management
🔸 Self-care
🔸 Time optimization

Knowing where you want to go is not enough if you lack the energy, focus, creativity, positivity, and you're not productive. You can get stuck because of limiting beliefs, doubts, lack of direction, and fear. However, the reason why you can't seem to achieve your goals is not always a lack of direction or a fixed mindset: imbalances in your body and in your brain may be what is keeping you stuck.

The body is a complex, interconnected system, and many factors can influence our everyday life. By creating an optimal homeostatic balance in your entire body (therefore, working on your foundation first), you will:
🔹 Become smarter, faster, and stronger
🔹 Gain clarity, confidence, and drive to achieve anything you desire
🔹 Become more productive and successful
🔹 Shift your mindset from "fixed" to "growth" for extraordinary results

Once you know how YOU work as a human being, you will be more empowered and more in control, you will perform optimally, and you will make better decisions every day.

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