“Stingy” Karee Everett

“Stingy” Karee... I give my Opinion, Truth, Feelings and Insecurities The only thing I’m afraid to share is your secrets

IMDb :Karee Everett

“Stingy” Karee has been seen on the Scream Tour, BET, Vh1, Bravo, Logo, Comedy Central, ABC, MTV, ESPN and more.

Stingy Karee from the D.M.V (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia tristate area),spent the early years of life figuring out that he was different and different is what made him stand out from others. Whether dancing, in drama, telling jokes, or writing, he always unintentionally created something that stood out.

I’m in Brooklyn Now!

Im a artistic dude with a sense of humor. (Can’t go wrong with that)

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