Deevo is a photographer, videographer, blogger, serial entrepreneur, ex-college athlete, self-made culinary chef, former corporate executive, single father of two promising young ladies and now an emerging strategy consultant and paid speaker, who is fast making his way as an expert in creative digital architecture (fancy way of saying digital marketing) to help small businesses and entrepreneurs brand and market using social media effectively.

His current company, Fusion Photography, is an international photo, video, and content creation studio, based in Charlotte, North Carolina and is consistently recognized as one of the top three photography studios in the south. Prior to Fusion, Deevo started, scaled and then sold the largest adult social company in the Carolinas. Running concurrently to his entrepreneurial life, he worked for a Fortune 50 company for over 20 years as the Senior Project Director managing multi-million dollar projects and international business teams. 

Deevo is currently the Co-Director of Sprout Connectors, a human centered digital outreach agency, with offices in Charlotte and Hilton Head and is the co-anchor of the popular podcast Mind Body Business. He sits on the board for several Non-Profits, participates in a men's amateur soccer league, mountain bikes, trains and does yoga daily. He has contributed commentary and bylines to Photography Magazine, The Knot, and Wedding Wire, as well as a contributing author for various industry blogs and insider resources.

He was scheduled to be the keynote speaker at Charlotte BizCon in 2020.

Podcasts by DEEVO TINDALL.

Mind Body Business

Share Your SuperpowerYour superpower is your human value proposition. It's your special X factor to help the world make tangible difference. We explore your feats in that zone where, by channeling your own unique magic, you slap an "S" on your chest for your community, and ultimately — help us, to help you, help them! Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary things Here's the freak'n thin end of the wedge where we drum up collective consciousness about all the empowering stuff our special guests have been up to. We also push conversations around these subjects to inspire you. Social ResponsibilityThe transformation of 'super businesses' into 'superheroes' would be impossible without attention to social responsibility. By exploring the intersection between social responsibility and human behavior, we help spread awareness, educate and drive positive change in our communities.

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