She Never Runs Out of Words

Adarna is a fangirl and storyteller based in Manila, Philippines. She's a tourism student by day, and an artist by night. She's a part-time teacher, and also a podcaster. This 22-year-old girl is also a dancer and writer on her free time. She's very into Hallyu or KPOP and pretty much has a wide knowledge about the Korean culture. She loves talking a lot about the smallest things you can thought of up to the deepest topics about the world.


Podpod Stories ni Adarna

Adarna, an outspoken fan girl and storyteller shares a part of her little world into a one convenient podcast. She shares stories of her adventures in the outside world and how it may (hopefully) help your daily messed up life. This podcast will talk about pop culture, relationships, politics, and other natural disasters.

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