Gordon Root

The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena

I launched RoA in 2018 with the intention of sitting down with other business owners who might be in the same boat as I was, struggling to learn how to create a brand name in todays market. Competing with large cooperate companies with unlimited funding for advertising, while small business owners might have little to no budget in the beginning to pay for sponsored ads on social media and have to try and combat the algorithms. Quickly, the show began to expand to other guests in other fields. The show has since evolved into a platform to allow my guests to share their tales through success and failures; and give them an opportunity to share in their own words

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Podcasts by Gordon Root

Rules of the Arena Podcast

I sit down with business owners, musicians, athletes, artists, authors and really anyone that has a fun story to share. I do my best to ask questions to highlight your craft and hard work, while asking questions for listeners for who might be in the same field as a career or a hobby. So they might be able to learn from someone with experience rather then reading an out dated book or over paying for a class. The show over all is a long form conversation style podcast, and more often then not we do go on tangents

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