Danielle Sullivan

Danielle, she/her, they/them. Queer, feminist, autism advocate focused on neurodiversity, social justice, and gentle parenting.

I’m Danielle Sullivan, an autistic life coach and mom of two neurodivergent kids living in Colorado.

I run my own podcast, Neurodiverging. My mission there is to help neurodiverse folks find the resources they need to live better lives as individuals, and to further disability awareness and social justice efforts to improve all of our lives as part of the larger world community.

I would love to be your podcast guest!

Neurodiversity: I can speak with authority about:

- common myths about neurodiversity
- how autism is portrayed in various films, television, and books
- how to improve inclusivity and diversity efforts for autistic folks
- the disability of being autistic in a world not designed for me
- raising children who are not neurotypical
- not being diagnosed until I was in my 30s

Parenting: I have experience:

- coaching parents in collaborative parenting/collaborative problem-solving approaches
- coaching gentle parenting approaches
- parenting neurodiverse kids (autistic and ADHD)
- living and co-parenting with an ADHD partner
- creating householding systems that work for different brains

Education: I have my MA in Religious Studies/ Women and Gender Studies and would love to geek out with you about:

- secular humanism
- rational ethics
- human rights
- women's rights
- GLBTQ rights
- the history of autism
- the history of ADHD
- the science of happiness
- mythology and folklore
- what the heck is gender anyway

Mental Health:

- being a woman with autism who wasn't diagnosed until 30
- being a parent of autistic and ADHD kids
- dealt with severe postpartum depression
- generalized anxiety disorder
- sensory processing disorder/ sensory integration disorder
- prosopagnosia (face-blindness)



From my neurodivergent family to yours - education about neurodiversity and parenting. I'm Danielle Sullivan, an autistic parent with autistic and ADHD children. Neurodiverging episodes include stories and lessons from my life, deep dives into the traits and histories of ADHD and autism, and reports about issues pertinent to ADHD and autistic folks in society. Welcome to Neurodiverging! Learn more on http://neurodiverging.com.

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