Chase Russell

CEO Russell Aviation | Entrepreneur | Politics | Veteran

Chase Russell is a self taught, 26 year old entrepreneur of Russell Aviation inc. and a Personal Financial Consulting business in Southwest, Florida. A full time student, a father and husband and plans to run for state house of representatives for the state of Florida.

His company, Russell Aviation was built from the ground up with Chase Russell as the sole owner and founder of the company. His focus for the company to offer affordable luxury private flights at a fixed rate, while integrating simple booking and purchasing processes via mobile applications is revitalizing the private airline industry.

His long time passion of enabling everyday people to understand and learn how to manage, spend and invest their money. Brought to light a new vision for Chase Russell with his personal financial consulting firm. He has studied, designed and served clients with his very own courses in personal finances. His goal to teach and mentor 50 people and families out of debt and into investing in 2021.

While starting, managing and preforming day to day operations at both of his companies. Chase has been a full time student receiving a Bachelors in Business and plans to attend law school after graduation.

Future plans are to run for Florida state house of representatives and move into the federal government elected offices from there.

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