Jamilly Whitfield

Helping women break the generational cycle of trauma by moving from a place of complacency to resiliency.

Budy (pronounced Beauty) Jamilly Whitfield is a wife, mom, and career woman. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years of experience in Child Welfare, Children’s Residential, and Medicaid Managed Care. Before her current position, she spent ten years of her social work career in various capacities-- treating youth and families with complex trauma. Jamilly has directly worked with immigrants, juvenile delinquents, commercially sexually exploited girls, emotionally disturbed, and intellectually disabled youth in New York City. Jamilly specializes in helping youth address their complex trauma, abuse, ADHD, mood disorders, parenting issues, commercial and sexual exploitation. She has promoted resiliency in the lives of those she has served. Jamilly always had a passion for working with youth and families. She holds a BSW from the College of New Rochelle and an MSW graduate of Fordham University.
In 2019, Jamilly launched her podcast, Beauteous Me. The Beauteous Me podcast motivates you to grow from a place of inadequacy to evolution.

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Podcasts by Jamilly Whitfield

Beauteous Me

In today’s world of social media we often compare ourselves to others and where they are in their journey. We often forget about the beauty within ourselves. Jamilly Whitfield, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, mom, wife and career woman will take you on a journey to finding your inner beauty despite all the mess going on. Jamilly hosts candid conversations on universal issues we face each and every day. The Beauteous Me podcast motivates you to grow from a place of inadequacy to evolution.

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