Megan Bowling

Excited entrepreneur spreading her love for all things business one podcast at a time

You could say Megan was born an entreprenuer. Her parents, Bob and Jill Manly founded Stretch-n-Grow when Jill was pregnant with her in 1992. Their family business has helped hundreds of people go into business for themselves over the past twenty eight years. Megan grew up surrounded by entrepreneurs and is passionate about connecting with and helping business owners of all levels. With experience in sales, marketing, branding, and management Megan is ready to share her passion with other aspiring entrepreneurs.

Stretch-n-Grow is now a world wide franchise with over two hundred territories around the world serving hundreds of thousands of preschools a week by providing enrichment classes on site. Over the years, Stretch-n-Grow has expanded into nine brands: Fitness Stars, Dance Stars, Yoga Stars, Music Stars, All-Star Sports, All-Star Soccer, All-Star Gymnastics, Camp Fit and Field Day. Megan helps new affiliates all over the world start their journey as a business owner and then guides them step by step as they grow and manage their business.

She will bring excitement, experience and a little bit of humor to any podcast she is invited to be a guest on. When she is not working on her business she can be found chasing after her one year old daughter, Gracie, riding horses or hanging at the beach with friends. Her three favorite things are Jesus, her family and being in nature.

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