Stephanie Gatrost

Living life after grief with no regrets. Charismatic obstacle climber. Wife, author, creative and optimist

Bonus Mom of 3 with one bundle on the way. I am a city girl living in the country with 14 chickens and my wonderful new family. Recovering from anxiety, depression adult ADHD, a divorce, and a litany of grief, I still have a positive outlook on life. I believe there is beauty in everyone and I look for it everywhere I go.

Described as creative, kind, and well rounded. I was fittingly given the title of “wordsmith” in my early twenties and it has stuck. I’m working on using my writing skills and healing skills for good.

Basically, I’m an extroverted introvert who is finally coming out of my head and into the real world.

After my divorce in 2019, I found journaling helped speed up my healing process, adjusted my perspective, and helped me move on. I’ve just created a workbook to help others on their healing journeys after separation. I hope to inspire and bring peace to those who need it.

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