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Award Winning Australian Author, Spiritual and Emotional Mentor, Podcaster and Soul Intuitive®.

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With well over 20 years of experience exploring spirituality and how to improve our self-reflective skills I know the importance of being honest with ourselves and difficulties we have in doing it. Story-telling, sense of humor and philosophical conversations are a way of igniting curiosity about the meaningfulness of our existences and this is the approach I have with my own podcast - Lorraine Nilon's Insight & Awareness Spiritual Explorer.

As a Soul Intuitive® I have a heightened awareness of the cause and effect of unresolved emotions, and the true nature of who we are hidden beneath the emotional baggage. I enjoy explaining the complexities of deep wounds.

Embracing the significance of our souls takes a self-reflective journey and I facilitate courses: currently 7 Essential Keys for Honest Self-Reflections and Soul Awareness.

Author of:
Spirituality, Evolution and Awakened Consciousness-Getting Real About Soul Maturity and Spiritual Growth
Hidden within ourselves are answers to our own questions!
Packed with wisdom, stories and questions that lead you on a journey of self-discovery, encouraging you to step off the merry-go-round of harsh self-judgement and awaken to your significance.

Breaking Free from the Chains of Silence: A respectful exploration into the ramifications of abuse hidden behind closed doors
‘Abuse is never contained to a present moment; it lingers across a person’s lifetime and has pervasive long-term ramifications.’
Childhood trauma in adults is so prevalent, it has become a silent epidemic and the lasting scars are difficult to heal. This profoundly important book contains valuable insights into the thought processes and emotional impact the abused contend with daily.

My areas of expertise & topics for discussion:
Improving your self-awareness
Understand yourself and being self-reflective.
How to live exploring the purpose of your existence?
Childhood abuse recovery
Narcissistic relationship recovery
Spiritual bypassing
Struggling to come to peace with your past.
Stuck in negative beliefs and fears of not being good enough.
Riding your own merry-go-round of self-judgment.
Feeling an unexplained internal void.

Many are tired of those nagging WHY questions:
Why can’t I let go of my emotional issues?
Why do I feel so unsatisfied with my life?
Why am I so judgmental of my-self and others?
Why do I feel like my own worst enemy!



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  • Self-help book