Greg Johnson

Known as The Sober Success Specialist, my mission is to help achieving clients suffering with addiction to Get and STAY sober with ease, comfort, and support.

Greg Johnson is The Sober Success Specialist

Greg works with high achieving athletes, atrists, and professionals tired of destroying their lives with substances and negative behaviors, who are finally ready to break free from the struggle of dependence so they may truly appreciate their success and fully love themselves.

With over 1,000 hours of service and nearly 1,000 clients served, Greg is a masterful facilitator leading powerful workshops, groups, and VIP mentoring and coaching, while conducting his unique style of teaching for his sobriety success mentoring company, Love Soulutions LLC. His sobriety work accelerates clients in returning to the sanctuary of their hearts where love is whispering the destiny for their success. This precious gift allows for clients to experience deep healing, extraordinary transformation, and uncommon enlightenment.

With his own life experience and his unique style of motivational teaching, his Heart Healing Transformation Technique™, Greg helps those struggling with drug and alcohol sobriety to REMAIN sober. He speaks the language of Spiritual Recovery and knows how to connect with those in need of his message. His dynamic energy, which is both captivating and inspiring, transforms lives.

Greg delivers CONFIDENTIAL VIP boutique services for high-level athletes, artists, and professionals whose anonymity is paramount. Combining compassion, tough love, and spiritual guidance in his Spiritual Design for Sober Successful Living Programs, Greg has a powerful formula for helping those struggling with sobriety to heal and thrive.

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