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Writer, author, and storyteller. Master of the written word. Action, adventure, and susspence are my cup of tea. Talk, discuss, or write. Stories make the world go round. Just use that pen!

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About Amos Cotter

Born and raised in upstate NY, with 6 siblings, I learned that being in a crowded home, can often be the loneliest place. Stories were my outlet. Looking back, I can see that my most productive times in writing, were during my hardest times. It was during this times, when I found my voice. I had honed my talent without ever knowing. In 2015 at the age of 30, I finally had my first book published. I have been chasing that high ever since.

I love books. There is something about the fictional world's and characters that cannot be replicated. Movies may come close, but they often fall short. Discussion and Critiques. It's what I live for.

I've been told I have the voice (and face) for raido. The discussion and spread of ideas excites me, especially if those ideas are mine! I'm easy to get along with, an have a tendency to joke, and seek laughs. Being a father, I'm a lover of dad jokes, and all things dry humor.
Let's get this thing moving. Contact me, and we will get this party started.


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