Keta Burke-Williams

BIPOC sisters and founders of Aspen Apothecary, a niche scent apothecary that creates clean, vegan CBD infused perfumes.

Founded by BIPOC sisters Keta & Kaja Burke-Williams, Aspen Apothecary is a niche scent apothecary creating clean, vegan CBD-infused perfume. Keta attends Harvard Business School with a corporate background, having worked with Fortune 100 companies. Kaja is a Northwestern grad and professional actor turned founder. The pair has set out to become the fresh, diverse face of fragrance - while amplifying womxn of color.

Aspen Apothecary is featured in Byrdie and was selected as a finalist from 300 applicants for Tower 28's Clean Beauty School. It is currently in the Venture Program at the Innovation Lab & the Rock Entrepreneurship Accelerator at Harvard

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