Mollie Marrocco

Giving as much value in the shortest time possible is my goal. Fluff is for sandwiches, let's get to the good stuff we can implement ASAP to improve our online presence!

I am a Brand Coach and Copywriter (which basically means I help people figure out what to write on their website, social media and other marketing materials). I help my clients either through coaching so they feel confident about the content they’re creating, or “done for you” copy if they don’t want to do the writing part themselves.

Most people struggle to get the thoughts that are in their heads to make sense when they're written down, but I have a knack for taking those ideas and turning them into a clear, consistent brand message and an effective content strategy for my clients.

When it comes to how I approach marketing, it can be encapsulated in one word: edutainment. I want to educate and entertain my audience with massive value, easy to implement tips, new perspectives, and funny anecdotes so that they are entertained as they're learning. I love being able to share about my journey as an entrepreneur and use that to help others.

Feel free to check out my instagram and tiktok for more an idea of who I am and how I serve. You can find me at: @molliemarrocco on both.

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