Ruth Hovsepian

Divorced, single parent, and recovering addict sharing my story to inspire and motivate others in their journey to recovery and survival.

As a Bible teacher, Christian counselor, speaker, author, and health & wellness coach I use my own personal experiences, struggles, and health & weight loss journey to guide and help others to feel the confidence and support they need to overcome their challenges. I share my life story to help others write their own stories.

I share my story of addiction to alcohol, pornography, and sex to help others.

I went through a very acrimonious separation & divorce when my children were 6, 3 & 5 months old. Raised them on my own while struggling to put food on the table, went back to school, got a job in a large IT company, and made my way to the top to only lose my job and reinvent myself again. For 15 years I lived a double life, one as a successful businesswoman and mum and the second as a "party girl". Looking back at my party years sends shivers down my spine, I was mixed up in a very dangerous and life-threatening lifestyle and people.

The last 7 years have been about new beginnings and renewal in my walk with God. One of these is writing my first book, 100 Days of Prayer - a journey into deeper intimacy with God. The book contains glimpses into my story and how God has helped me overcome my addictions. The release date for the book is Summer 2022.

In the process of finishing my second book, a devotional book on prayer. Called An Invitation to Prayer.

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