Riya Loveguard

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Galactic Polyglot Channelling Multiple Light Languages + Expert on Energetics of Business

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About Riya Loveguard

Riya Marta Loveguard is a Spiritual Catalyst, Starseed Activator & Light Language Expert and a Business Coach for heart-centred entrepreneurs.

Riya's extraordinary abilities to channels frequencies of multiple Galactic Star Nations in the form of sound with full understanding and precision earned her a name of "The Galactic Linguist" and a reputation across dimensions as a Star Nations Ambassador.

Combining her supernatural gifts with practical attitude and vast business experience Riya Loveguard leads conscious entrepreneurs on the journey to personal and business ascension and expansion.

As a Quantum Business coach, Riya paves the way for a new generation of entrepreneurs who are ready to make impact on the New Earth whilst creating a life of abundance and satisfaction, in full alignment with their Higher Self.


  • light language
  • energetics of business
  • starseeds