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Helping Women Take Back Their Lives

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About Christina J

I am a certified Clinical RTTĀ® Hypnotherapist and Reiki Practitioner.

Having spent most of my life battling depression, anxiety, and PTSD, which stemmed from severe trauma, I found myself repeating the same toxic and abusive cycles with no end in sight. Once I realized that repeating the same unhelpful methods over and over again was never going to magically work, I opened myself up to unconventional methods of healing and began to follow my intuition.

After becoming an RTTĀ® hypnotherapist, I was able to overcome my battles and take my life back. I later realized that there is so much more to healing than just a physical of mental state so I decided to broaden my knowledge and became certified as a Reiki practitioner, meditation instructor, EFT practitioner, and in pranayama as well.

Having such personal success, I now center my practice around the same methods that I used to heal myself, allowing me to help women break free from their own vicious cycles and take their lives back.

Speaking topics:

Overcoming trauma

Breaking free of vicious cycles

Elemental healing

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