Marta Madison

I don’t just draw clothes, I draw dreams

My name is Marta Madison and I am a revolution! How many women say they will write a book and actually do it...well I have!

I am interested in the ideas around speaking one’s truth through art. I am a visual artist, specialising in fashion illustration, and have written a book about my artistic life, called Girl Can Draw, including over 60 drawings.

I chronicle my artistic journey throughout the drawings, how I forged my own path through perseverance, intuition, street smarts and facing any fears down with inner grace and strength of character. Loads of fabulous ...and some quirky... illustrations to please the art student and armchair artist alike.

I also pay homage to my late mother, who, after marriage and raising four kids, suppressed her artistic voice during the restrictive 50s. I speak for her in my book, honouring the promise I made to her and myself to never give up my drawing talent which I inherited from her. By telling her story and including many of her unseen fabulous fashion illustrations, she lives on.

I believe my story would also be of interest to people looking for inspiration later in life to kick start their art careers, as I did in my 50s through luck and pluck, as I call it.

Please visit my profile and perhaps we can connect soon.

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