Erick De La Fuente

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I help small business owners create strategic partnerships with other business owners so that they can efficiently grow their businesses without capital

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About Erick De La Fuente

Erick started his career as a CPA in public accounting and quickly realized accounting was not for him. He made the jump to strategic consulting not knowing that what he really disliked was not accounting, but a 9-5 in general. Later, he decided he liked talking about what he did more than doing it so he made the switch to business development and sales. Unfortunately for Erick, cold calling was not his strong suit but he still found a way to create a vast pipeline of opportunities by creating and fostering strategic relationships with like minded people. This then led Erick to take a role where he focused on creating and expanding revenue channels through business partnerships and he then began helping small businesses do the same for themselves as a side hustle.

Recently, Erick opened his own business coaching and consulting group where he focuses on helping small business owners grow and scale. He's helped these businesses add over $46M+ in top-line revenue by investing minimally, if at all, in sales teams and outside marketing agencies. He's very passionate about helping small business owners create a community of like minded people that all work together to win business and help each other

"A rising tide lifts all boats"


  • Small business
  • Marketing strategy
  • Growth