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Young real estate agent and investor who shares a story of overcoming difficulty in college which would resonate with the younger podcast audience.

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About Inaki Guerrero

My Real Estate journey began at the age of 19 as a Freshman at the University of Texas at Austin. I HAD to find a way to pay for college and I knew working for someone/salary based job wasn't going to cut it. So I decided to get my Real Estate license, instead of selling homes though, I helped students rent apartments and was paid by the apartments when these students signed a lease!

Upon graduation I had a decision to make, accept an offer with JLL or become a Realtor full-time. Turning down JLL was hard, especially because all my friends and parents told me I was crazy to think that as a 23 year old, people would trust me to help them buy or sell! I just had to trust my gut! I got back to Austin August of 2019 and immediately connected with a top producing agent, Diego Corzo.
Once on the team I set out my goals and several weeks later.....Covid started......I didn't let it take me down and had my 1st sale within my first month, but no sales 6 months later. During that time though I was able to buy my own house and house hack the 3 other rooms, this allowed me to live for free while making ~ $300 in cash flow. I closed on my 1st house hack in April 2020 and put my 2nd house hack under contract 3 months later. Throughout this time I started to gain traction as a realtor and this led me to getting Rookie of the Year in 2020, 21 homes closed and $6.8M in Volume.

My second year, I picked up more traction and was featured on Bigger Pockets and Real Estate Rockstars. Social Media, Sphere of Influence and Referrals were my main sources of clients, nothing was paid out of pocket! I closed on my 2nd house hack and lived for free once again while making $200 in cash flow. The 1st home was now cash flowing $1k after I left it. At one point in 2021 I had 24 homes under contract at the same time. Year 2021 ended with 37 homes sold, $16.6 M in volume.

My 3rd year as a Realtor has been incredible. I'm 26 years old and now have several agents I mentor (4 agents) and am expanding the team. I've also had incredible opportunities to speak on stage recently in KC to ~ 140 + agents at the Agent Accelerator. In 2022 I finished with 37 homes sold amounting to a volume of $18.6M.


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