Kelly Schols

Kelly Schols is a speaker, author and success mentor, who works with executives and entrepreneurs to transform their personal, professional, and financial goals into reality.

Kelly Schols is an author, speaker, coach and success mentor. From being dead broke and full blown alcoholic at age 24 to living a sober life and debt-free millionaire by age 40, Kelly’s passion to teach others has become his driving motivation.

Kelly reaches in person and podcasts audiences alike with his raw, relatable message, ‘Here’s how I did it. You can too.” Time and time again, audience attendees cite Kelly’s message as ‘life-changing’.

His history of running a multi-million-dollar company, initiating revolutionary programs to encourage employee welfare and engagement, and dramatically exceeding his personal financial goals, all in spite of a rough-and-tumble youth spent in the school of hard knocks, enable him to help others climb to their own highest potential.

Podcasts by Kelly Schols

Never By The Book

Kelly Schols invites guests from across the country to share their ‘Never by the Book’ life lessons.
Each episode is packed with dynamic conversation and ‘ah-ha!’ reveals giving listeners a fresh take on what it means to overcome obstacles to build a life of incredible fulfillment.

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