David Somerfleck

Digital Marketing Expert, Small Business Mentor

David Somerfleck is a digital marketing executive with over 20 years' experience working for marketing and advertising agencies where he served as project manager, helping guide multi-million dollar brands toward increased profitability.

David also was a Certified Small Business Mentor off and on for 10 years through the U.S. Small Business Administration where he advised hundreds of small business owners, nonprofit administrations and senior staff, and startups in how to grow their business quicker and easier.

Additionally, David was trained in political campaign marketing (called "messaging") by a consortium of The White House Project, the Colorado Department of Education, and the Center for Progressive Leadership - and later went on to advise several political campaigns.

David has written for AOL/Time-Warner, spoken to a standing-room only audience at Microsoft, taught social media marketing at Johnson & Wales University, taught workshops for the WordPress Foundation and is the author of "The Road to Digital Marketing Profits" and "The Illustrated Guide to Digital Marketing." He's also the host of The David Somerfleck Podcast where he interviews interesting guests on topics related to digital marketing trends, global cultural and economic shifts, business innovation and ways we can all better channel our creativity.

Podcasts by David Somerfleck

Rebooting Business

Rebooting Business is the podcast about rebuilding and reinventing businesses, small to large, in a post COVID-19 world in which remote working, physical distancing, marketing automation, digital marketing, consolidating overhead, eliminating redundancy, and applying lean management principles to businesses unfamiliar with them, is now a part of business we need to address.

Topics covered include financial, management, entrepreneurship, social media discourse and use, marketing, psychology, societal change, and innovation. The podcast is hosted by digital marketing expert David Somerfleck.

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