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Arriving on Seattle Washington, Kings County Hospital to immigrant Mother who escaped Communist Yugoslavia through refugee camps in Italy and Father who left Yugoslavia in search of freedom as an artist to work as an Alaska Fisherman, logger and iron worker, Jonathan and his two older sisters move after 1 year from the north west to north east NYC 1983.
Growing up on Ridgewood Queens, his experience as a truly gifted child in the education system takes a 180 degree turn from a childhood traumatic experience as the life of a gangster seemed more appealing in gaining the respect from his peers drives him through the psychiatric and juvenile detention systems bringing him face to face with a broken system.
As the tragic suicide of his sister jumping off a building at age twelve when he was ten only propelled his pain as he wrote his name on walls hanging from buildings and escaping death at every turn and drug induced coma he almost reached the point of complete destruction of self and everyone he was around.
By some miracles and divine intervention he survives his adolescence and starts to write his story in the form of a play entitled "Bushwick to Broadway", finds love becomes a father to three amazing children and starts writing scripts for the big screen and constantly runs into obstacles that finally twenty years later take him to a Moment Of Great Awakening to publish Mission2Moga.
With many ideas he wishes to share with the world now ready, clear minded and determined with a great will and focus to achieve his highest potential, he continues to guide and protect his three offspring, maintain a friendship with their mother and make peace with all that consumed him throughout his journey in this experience we call life.
Asking all the questions from what does it mean to be a human being, what is freedom, why am i here and who am i? His quest for truth and knowledge continues as he writes a world into existence he wishes was available when he was a lost child going through the darkest of paths to Build the M.O.G.A! originally Museum Of Graffiti Art to the Megastructure Outlinedin Graphene Armor!!!
Where the technology and all new and old discoveries can be the salvation of humanity now or the worlds complete annihilation tomorrow!!!
love peace and blessings,
Build The M.O.G.A!
P.S. i am a published author with many other books in the pipeline and stories to share of the departed souls who have impacted my life.

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