Benjamin Winig

Cohost of The Human Equation podcast

I'm a student in the Global Ecology Magnet Program at Poolesville High School. I'm also a self-taught podcaster and the student president of Glorystar Children's Chorus. I have a leadership position in my school's Amnesty International Club and experience working with young children as a swim coach for Joe Flaherty's Dolphins and a Counselor in Training at Geneva Day School Spring, Summer, and Winter Break Camps.

Podcasts by Benjamin Winig.

The Human Equation

A podcast about what it means to be a teenager in the 21st century, covering topics from school to social life to issues affecting our generation, and everything in between. In each episode, high-schoolers and cohosts, Benjamin and Darshini, share a story submitted by a listener and discuss the larger topics surrounding that story. Each episode also features teenager-created music and artwork, providing listeners with an opportunity to share their talents.

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