Nishta Reddy

Robert Braathe - Entrepreneurship & Business Expert

Robert Braathe would be the best addition to your business podcast, training session, or zoom conference! Whatever business topics you would like to discuss - Robert will do it for you! I am a Project Management Intern for my boss Robert Braathe. He is a leader who is exceptionally skilled in public speaking, entrepreneurship, and marketing. If you search Braathe Enterprises on LinkedIn, you will find over 400 amazing people who worked remotely during college on a virtual internship with his company. Since 2011, he has given college students their very first work experience (or close to it) while in college and they’ve gone on to be leaders around the world. He is different than others in his field because he has worked so closely with the hundreds of employees/interns and understands what it takes to build a team from the bootstraps. He would be a perfect guest on your platform. Please let me know your thoughts and thank you for the opportunity.


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